Highmark Resources

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Excavating Service

Highmark Resources is capable of meeting any excavation need you may have as no job is too large or small.

The Highmark Resources Story

Highmark Resources has years of experience in excavation and grading services for new structures, buildings, roads, pavements, parking lots, lakes, ponds and many other improvements for residential, commercial & industrial. We manage every project with a professional plan to ensure efficiency in cost, scheduling and safety. Residential, Commercial & Industrial Excavating Service in Bend, Oregon. Our services include the excavation, hauling, placement, moisture conditioning, compaction and grading of dirt materials to meet designed elevations and contours for new structures and other improvements. We are prepared to provide services for nearly any construction project and has experience working on projects, both large and small, all-over Oregon.

Markets We Serve

We’re the one-stop shop for heavy construction services in Oregon. We build jobs for public and private clients across multiple industries. No matter what type of project you have, if it takes an excavator, dozer, or other heavy equipment, we want to help you build it. Learn more about how we build stuff, and the challenges we face as our business grows across Oregon.

Residential Excavation Service​​

Building infrastructure projects that are the foundation of society.


Commercial Excavation Service

Mass excavation and site development — from warehouse pads to entirely new neighborhoods.


Industrial & Municipal Service

Highways, airports, and more. Whatever it takes to keep America moving.