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Drainage Service Bend, Oregon

Drainage in Bend, Oregon

Highmark Resources provides complete water drainage services for your commercial or residential property and we service communities throughout Oregon, Washington & Idaho.

We offer high-quality drainage services in Oregon, Washington & Idaho.

Our specialised team of drainage professionals has worked extensively throughout Oregon. We deliver the highest quality work that is praised by residential and commercial clients.

Draining team

Best Drainage Services Team

Water drainage issues require immediate service because ignoring any drainage problems can lead to serious damage and costly repair or replacement of property. Highmark Resources can identify drainage issues and provide working, cost-effective solutions.

Drainage problems may be caused by:

  • Low-lying areas near buildings or landscaping structures
  • Water pooling around building foundations
  • Rainwater or landscaping runoff from neighboring property or from concrete areas
  • Excess water runoff from sprinkler systems or gutter systems
  • Soil conditions that don’t allow proper drainage