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Septic Tank Installation & Repair Bend, OR

Septic Tank Replacement Bend, OR

Almost twenty percent of all residences in the United States lack a connection to a municipal sewer system. Septic tank installation is necessary for homes to process wastewater and handle sewerage. Many businesses are also off the grid, creating a need for reliable septic tank installation and replacement in Bend, Oregon.

At Highmark Excavation & Septic , our technicians are standing by to design and install septic systems that will last for many years with minimal maintenance requirements. We will help you get the septic tank that will best suit your needs. Call us today (541) 977-1105.

Every property is unique, which is why we approach each job with a careful evaluation so that the system will be perfectly suited to the demands of the household or business. Don’t take chances and call us today.


We design complete systems to include:

  • Plumbing and septic ventilation.
  • The septic tank and filter.

  • A leach field system to drain and purify the water that is released from the septic tank.

  • We have the experience to approach every project, whether there’s a difficult layout, an old system that needs to be removed, difficult soil, or unusual topography. If you want reliable septic tank installation in the BEND area, it’s time to contact us.

Our septic tank costs are highly competitive with full transparency so you know exactly where your money is going. Call us today and we will lay out a plan to get your septic system plans met.

Septic Tank Inspection and Repair

Septic systems usually last between 15 and 40 years. With the right septic tank installation and regular maintenance, it’s possible to have a system last much longer. We design systems for longevity. We can also help you to get the best return on investment from your current system with our septic service in Bend, Or.

Bend Septic tank experts are standing by for complete inspection and maintenance services.

Is your system showing signs of age or damage? If you have experienced any of the following, it’s time to call a septic tank inspection professional.

Water or sewerage backups in your home.

Your tank is full or your leach field is overflowing.

You have a blocked pipe causing drainage issues in a bathroom or near an appliance.

The grass around your septic tank or leach field is constantly wet and spongy.

Your drains are slow.

You can smell septic gases (similar to rotten eggs) from your drains.

Be proactive when you identify the signs of septic tank damage or deterioration. Our complete septic tank inspection service will identify the underlying issue. We’ll recommend affordable septic tank repair to get your system in perfect working order, ready to handle the wastewater and sewerage needs of your home or business. Call us now.

Leach Field Installation and Repair

The leach field is an essential part of a septic system. Our Bend septic tank specialists can install, repair, and maintain your leach field to ensure that your system is both efficient and sanitary. This will avoid backups and problems with your septic tank. Call us (541) 977-1105.

Call for leach field inspection if you notice that the grass or ground around your leach field is waterlogged, spongy, or growing faster than other areas of your property. If you have large trees near your septic tank or leach field, the roots could damage the pipes and cause leaks. Call us today we can do a proper inspection of your leach bed system.

A leach field is designed to filter water safely and efficiently. Any blockages or damage to the leach field will compromise your entire septic tank system.  A compromised leach field can cause backups and system failure. Call us today for peace of mind.

Maintaining your leach field could reduce the need for septic pumping and other forms of septic tank service.

If you suspect issues, contact the best leach field inspection and leach field repair team in Bend, Oregon.  High Mark Excavation & Septic is here to help.  Call us today!